Doctor Assisted Weight Loss Programs in Milwaukee

Weight Loss Physician

Lose Weight With The Help Of An Expert Physician

One of the best ways to lose weight and keep it off is with the help and guidance of a physician. At our spa, on-site physician Marsha Davis M.D. can help you shed extra pounds through a combination of weight loss methods including low-glycemic foods, restricted calorie diets, vitamins and supplements.

Getting advice from a doctor can help you formulate a plan to determine how you will meet your weight loss goals, and the doctor can give you the best possible information about diet and exercise to maximize your results. A physician-assisted weight loss program involves advice and coaching as opposed to medical procedures.

Physician Assisted Weight Loss Increases Diet Success

Getting help from a physician greatly increases your chances of weight loss success.

Physician Weight LossNot only can the physician tailor a plan just for you and your body type, they can also chart your progress over time and modify it as you begin to lose weight. This type of weight loss monitoring will help prevent plateaus in your weight loss and will ensure that you are losing weight in a way that is healthy for your body.

As you continue on your physician assisted weight loss program, you will begin to feel more confident about yourself and your body. In addition to a boost of confidence, you will feel more energetic and look amazing.

Physician Assisted Weight Loss Side Effects & Recovery

There are no side effects or any recovery associated with a physician assisted weight loss program. There may be side effects if the physician places you on a diet like the HCG or very low calorie liquid diet. Throughout your weight loss, you will need to set aside time to have appointments and check in with your physician.


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