Low Calorie Food Monitored Programs in Milwaukee

Low Calorie Diet

Low Calorie Diets For Fast Weight Loss

Very low calorie diets are monitored by a physician and include around 1000-1200 calories per day. The very low calorie diets are not as restrictive as a low calorie liquid diet, and do include eating solid foods. However, the low calorie diets are still very effective for anyone who overweight and looking for a way to shed their extra pounds quickly. Weight loss does occur at a slower rate than what is normal on a very low calorie liquid diet, but most patients lose between 1 and 3 pounds per week. Before you begin your low calorie diet, the physician will give you an examination and determine whether or not you are a good candidate.

Benefits Of A Very Low Calorie Diet

One biggest benefits of a low calorie diet is how quickly and easily you will lose weight. It is important to note that a low calorie diet does not mean starving yourself, but being more selective about the foods that you choose to eat. Along with a physician monitored weight loss program, a very low calorie diet can be extremely successful and really allow you to get the results you want without doing any surgeries or medical procedures.

Low Calorie Diet Recovery & Side Effects

As is the case with very low calorie liquid diets, the calorie consumption is very low so you will need to stay in close contact with your physician. Set time aside for appointments and expect the diet to be tailored as you begin to lose weight. This prevents you from plateauing and also makes sure that you are not having any complications with the low calorie diet.

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