Very Low Calorie Liquid Diet Programs in Milwaukee

Low Calorie Liquid Diet

Low Calorie Liquid Diet Promotes Rapid Weight Loss

A very low calorie liquid diet consists of around 400-800 liquid calories a day, all monitored by a weight loss physician. The liquid diets are nutritionally complete including vitamins and minerals, and are also very high in protein. Many of these meals will be very low in fat and carbohydrates, which contributes to their great weight loss capabilities. The liquid diets usually come in the form of a powder, which can then be easily mixed with water to form a meal replacement shake. These diets are typically recommended for anyone who is currently at a dangerously high weight, or needs to lose weight to alleviate the medical conditions that come from being overweight.

Benefits of Losing Weight on a Low Calorie Liquid Diet

When used in the short-term, a low calorie liquid diet is a wonderful way for very overweight patients to get control over their weight. With the help of a physician, the patient can lower their risk of developing diabetes and lose weight effectively. In most people,

Low Calorie Liquid Diet Recovery & Side Effects

When used and administered properly, low calorie liquid diets have no serious side effects and do not require any recovery time. However, it is very important that you perform your low calorie liquid diet in succession with a physician monitored weight loss program and wean into a normal diet after a few months at the most. If the liquid diet is sustained for too long, it can cause gallstones and other complications from ingesting too few calories. While on a low calorie liquid diet, remember to drink lots of water and stay hydrated.

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