HCG Diet Plan in Milwaukee

HCG Diet

HCG Diet For Natural Weight Loss

The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a natural hormone that is produced within by the embryo when a woman is pregnant. HCG has been used to help women achieve pregnancy, and to help men raise their testosterone levels. Now, medical breakthroughs are revealing that HCG is a very effective hormone for helping people lose weight.

It is perfectly legal and ethical to use HCG "off-label" for weight loss. But you should be sure that you are getting your HCG from the prescription and care of a physician. Nurses, Chiropractors and other non-physicians can not legally obtain or prescribe HCG for any purpose.

After finding the right physician and getting an examination to determine whether the diet is right for you, the first two days of the diet consist of eating meals with high fat content; these are known as "gorging days." The purpose of eating the excess fat is to help the HCG start working more quickly and make your body turn into that fatburning machine that you want!

After those two days, you must follow a very strict food plan, laid out in detail in our NuLean Diet Guide. You can only eat the foods on the diet plan. The only foods that must be weighed are the meats. You do not need to weigh or measure the fruits and vegetables. It is also suggested that you drink the natural lemon juice each day.

Lose Weight Quickly And Easily With The HCG Diet

With the HCG Diet, you can lose 1 to 3 pounds a day quickly and safely. Aside from fast and drastic weight loss, the HCG Diet allows the patient to make a clean break from fattening and addictive food. This reset of your body will stop uncontrollable food cravings and allow you to fill your body will more healthy and sensible food to maintain the weight loss.

HCG Diet Recovery & Side Effects

The most important thing to remember when considering the HCG is that you have to get it from a physician to ensure that it is the right hormone. Otherwise, you will be taking in too few calories and not getting the weight loss benefits. If you get the HCG hormones administered by an injection, you may have bruising at the point of injection.