Professional Weight Loss Programs in Milwaukee

Weight Loss Medical Spa

Weight Loss Programs At Your Milwaukee Medical Spa

For anyone looking to lose weight, the process of finding the right diet for you can be very frustrating. At Solaris Medical Spa, we pair you with a diet that is appropriate for both your lifestyle and your weight loss goals. Being overweight can cause several serious health problems, affect your mobility and even your social relationships. With help from a medical spa, you can finally lose weight and feel great about yourself.


What To Expect From Your Weight Loss Treatments

We have several options for weight loss programs, including:

The HCG diet uses a natural hormone that is found in pregnant women to speed the metabolic rate, and when combined with a low calorie diet it can promote terrific and fast weight loss. Physician monitored weight loss programs include a combination of any of the programs listed above along with the guidance of an experienced physician. The physician will help to educate you and make sure you are dieting in the healthiest way possible. The very low calorie liquid diets and low calorie food monitored diets are recommended for patients who are very overweight and need to lose weight quickly for the added health benefits, not purely for aesthetics.

Your First Step Towards A Better Body: A Free Consultation

It doesn't matter if you're looking to lose 10 lbs. or 100 lbs., your first step towards successful weight loss is scheduling an appointment for a free consultation. At the consultation, our physician will help determine which program is best for you!