Rosacea Treatment in Milwaukee

Rosacea IPL Treament

Erythema Rosacea Treatments That Are Proven To Work

Rosacea (commonly misspelled as rosatia, rosacia and rosasea) is embarrassing facial flushing that’s characterized by redness and spots or rashes on the face. There are some people who find oral antibiotics are a successful treatment for their Rosacea, but others will still suffer with a persistent red facial flushing. Luckily, Intense pulse light (IPL) treatments from a medical spa can help relieve Rosacea symptoms and get you the smooth, even skin tone that you desire. The IPL lasers work by bursting the dilated blood vessels so the body can reabsorb them. IPL treatments are not very painful, the treatment is usually described as feeling like a snapping rubber band.

Reap The Benefits Of Treating Rosacea With IPL

The IPL is very different from other laser treatments because it expels a multitude of wavelengths rather than just one. IPL treatments diminish the red rashes, broken and visible capillaries, face spots and flushing associated with rosacea. IPL is also used for it's anti-aging effects and removing dark spots. The laser can be used on any parts of the body as well, and produces very long lasting results. After your initial series of treatment, additional treatments will only be needed once or twice a year for maintenance.

IPL Treatments For Rosacea Recovery & Side Effects

Recovery from IPL rosacea treatments varies depending on the patient and aggressiveness of the treatment. Typically, patients will experience facial flushing, a red rash on face and sunburn-like symptoms for up to an hour post-IPL laser treatment. Patients can be back to their normal activities within 24 hours but should wear sunscreen of at least 30SPF.

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