Professional High Frequency Treatments In Milwaukee

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High Frequency Treatments Used To Treat Acne and Signs of Aging

A high frequency skin treatment is done with a machine that generates an alternating current into the skin through a glass electrode. The high frequency treatment is the first of its kind that can be done on bare skin. However, your esthetician may place a gauze or gel mask between the machine and your skin for extra glide. This treatment is most effective for people with moderate to severe acne that haven't had success with medications or other treatments. High frequency is also a great anti-aging treatment because it stimulates cell metabolism for that youthful glow.

Benefits of Using High Frequency Treatments

The high frequency currents tone the skin by creating better circulation and tissue warming. The blood vessels under the skin will then push out toxins and the cells will experience an increased amount of nutrients and allows the skin to hydrate better. Because the high frequency skin treatments stimulate circulation, it kills acne bacteria and helps the skin better absorb skin care products. High frequency is great for treating both acne prone and aging skin because they allow the skin to better absorb products. Investing in high frequency treatment is going to get you better results from any ant-aging creams or topical acne medications that you use. 

Recovery & Side Effects of High Frequency Skin Treatments

High frequency treatments are very cleansing. They are effective on many skin leisions like cold sores, burns, acne and just general maintenance and exfoliation. After each treatment you may experience a slight red discoloration to the skin, and results will be noticable after just one treatment. If you're getting the treatment for anti-aging, you may need a series of treatments before you achieve your desired results.

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