Skin Complexion Analysis in Milwaukee


Identify Your Perfect Skin Care Regimen With A VISIA Skin Complexion Analysis

At Solaris Medical Spa, we do a complete, in-depth skin analysis with the Visia imaging device to reveal the topical and subsurface condition of your skin. The machine uses standard, cross polarized and UV photography to compose your results. This information is essential to any skin care regimen and can help your esthetician tailor a skin care routine just for you. When you come into the spa, we'll set you up with a trained esthetician who help you read your data from the VISIA machine. Over the course of just six minutes, the machine will take a photo of each side of your face and produce several different analyses. Your results will then be measured based on their comparison to other people within the same age group and skin complexion characteristics as you.

The Benefits of Getting A VISIA Skin Complexion Analysis

A VISIA skin analysis machine takes a photo of the topical and subsurface layers of the skin. This information is essential to any skin care regimen as it will help your esthetician identify and evaluate which treatments will be best for your unique skin conditions. The images will reveal what kind of damage your skin has encountered. From sun damage, pigmentation, scarring, wrinkles and capillary damage this detailed report will even reveal where wrinkles, UV spots and bacteria will show up in the future! Check out the video below to see exactly what a skin complexion analysis would be like.

Skin Complexion Analysis Recovery Time & Side Effects

Treatment is pain free and does not require any recovery time. There are no side-effects from getting this analysis done.

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