Eye Mask Treatment in Milwaukee

Get An Eye Treatment Mask To Remove Dark Circles and Puffiness

Eye treatment masks can be received on their own or along with a facial treatment. The esthetician will apply a special eye mask that is infused with collagen and essential oils to brighten the eyes, tighten the skin around the eye and fill in wrinkles and crows feet. 

Eye Mask Treatment

Benefits of Getting an Eye Mask Treatment

Eye treatment masks are a wonderful treatment to soothe and awaken tired eyes and plump any fine lines around the eyes. People with sinus problems, allergies or dark circles will see a lot of benefit from an eye mask treatment. A la carte or combined with a facial, an eye mask treatment will reduce any redness or puffiness around the eyes. This treatment is a great way to de-stress and relax your body.


Eye Mask Recovery & Side Effects

There are no side effects or recovery associated with an eye mask treatment. If a patient wishes to prolong the benefits of an eye mask treatment, our spa has several at home eye treatment products that are great for rejuvenation. Using a cold gel eye mask can also relive swelling and pressure around the eyes, and it is a great way to relax in a bath or spa.

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