Professional Dermaplaning Treatments In Milwaukee


Get Rid of Acne Scars & Wrinkles With Dermapeeling Treatments

Derma peeling is an effective and affordable non-invasive treatment for getting rid of acne scars. An esthetician will remove the acne scars by using a hand-held device called a dermatome. This device is similar to a regular razor but it has oscillating surgical blades that skim surface layers around the scar. The procedure can be on one small area or over the entire face. When done alone, the treatment is known as dermaplaning. A dermapeel is when the dermaplaning is combined with a chemical peel, which is a very effective combination of treatments.

Benefits of Dermapeeling for Acne Scars & Aging

One of the main benefits of derma planing is that it allows the skin to better absorb any products that are applied to it. This is great news for anyone using anti-aging treatments or acne skin products. Skin cells will have a quicker turnover rate, uneven pigments will be smoothed out and the treatment will give the skin a youthful, radiant glow. Derma planing is also going to remove any unwanted hair from the face, typically know as "peach fuzz". Because this hair is vellous and not terminal, it won't come back dark and blunt. When the hair grows back, it will still be light and thin.

In adition to helping with acne scars, dermaplaning is great for people with aging skin. It will even out dry, rough skin and remove the damaged epidermal skin that causes wrinkles. 

Dermaplaning Recovery Time & Side Effects

Dermaplaning can sound pretty dangerous, but if it is done by a trained medical spa professional then the treatment is known to be painless and requires no downtime. Dermaplaning doesn't treat acne, it just removes the excess skin and damage around scars or acne marks. Derma planing is chosen by many patients that don't want the redness or swelling that can come along with other acne scar treatments. There are also no side effects to a dermaplaning treatment.

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