Professional Acne Scar Surgery In Milwaukee

acne scar surgery

Acne Scar Surgery Removes All Types of Acne Scars

Surgery for acne scars is typically the last resort for patients looking to get rid of the marks and lesions left behind from years of severe acne. Before the surgery, you'll get some type of anesthetic or pain medication, and it is an outpatient surgery. The acne scar surgery will vary depending on the type of scarring that is present; for a depressed or pitted scar, the physician will physically remove any scar tissue and replace it with a skin graft from another location on the body. Another method of removing a depressed or pitted acne scar is subscision; the surface of the skin is separated from the scar tissue and an implant is inserted to create a filling that will appear to be nice, smooth skin. During surgery for a raised scar, the physician will remove the scar and give you other treatments to prevent any re-scarring.

Weigh The Benefits of Surgical Acne Scar Removal

Acne scar surgery can treat and remove both raised and depressed scars on the face or body. The main benefit of getting a surgery to remove acne scars comes when a patient has already tried several other methods and has not gotten the dramatic results they're looking for. During the acne scar surgery, the root of the scar will be removed so it will be guaranteed that the scars will not return.

Acne Scar Surgery Recovery & Side Effects

Do not expect to see instant results after your acne scar removal surgery. The skin will take a few months to heal, and you may need to get additional treatments to promote healthy, clear skin. Acne scar surgery may be done in combination with injections or laser resurfacing. However, once the skin has fully healed patients typically experience a high success rate. Although there isn't necessarily down time involved after the surgery, you will have to take care of stitches and bandages.

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