Professional Micropeel Treatments In Milwaukee


Repair And Refresh Skin With A Micropeel

A micropeel is a three step procedure that can repair skin damage from weather, aging and hormone fluctuations in just 30-45 minutes. Even the healthiest skin can benefit from a micropeel that prevents aging and the onset of skin problems. The first part of a micropeel involves getting dermaplaning to exfoliate skin and get rid of any excess or dead skin that may be clogging the pores. The second step of the micropeel is getting a chemical peel, chosen by your esthetician, that will lift any bacteria from the skin while also hydrating it thoroughly. Finally, the skin will be treated with cryogenic therapy, where carbon dioxide frozen balls (also know as dry ice) are applied to the skin to freeze and remove the thin top layer of the skin.

chemical peel

Benefits Of Getting A Micropeel

A micropeel can do wonderful things for your skin. It improves the color and texture of the skin while also removing fine lines and reducing wrinkles. This treatment is great for preventative aging skin care regimens.

Micropeel Side Effects & Recovery

Micropeel side effects do not last long. Sometimes there is stinging, and because the process removes the top layer of skin, you may feel an increased sensitivity to things that normally don't irritate your skin. Use caution when applying perfumes or certain make-ups, they can irritate the skin after a micropeel, but these symptoms are best discussed at your free consultation where the physician may recommend using a gentle at-home product for you to use.

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