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Clarisonic Brushes: Intelligent Design For Acne Care

Clarisonic is a customizable, intelligent skin care device that is perfect for delicate, acne prone and body acne prone skin. When you purchase a Clarisonic brush, you’ll be able to customize which brush head is best for your skin type. At our medical spa, a trained esthetician or our on-site physician Marsha Davis, M.D. will be able to set you up with a free skin consultation to identify which products would be best for your skin.

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Improve Acne Prone Skin

Unlike other brush heads on the market that simply rotate in a circle, the Clarisonic cleansing brush oscillates—working with the natural elasticity of your skin. This method of cleansing reaches deeper into your pores without irritating your skin. The Clarisonic brushes are waterproof and come in a variety of fun, customizable colors. With this cleansing brush, you will see a significant improvement in the look and feel of your acne prone skin.


Ready To Experience The Benefits of Using A Clarisonic Brush?

Come To Your Milwaukee Medical Spa For More Details

At our spa, we want you to experience maximum results. Using a Clarisonic brush allows your skin to absorb treatments better, so if you've been using your brush regularly, you will certainly notice the facial treatments penetrate the skin more effectively. When you commit to doing an acne care or anti-aging program, it is important to maintain the skin through with at-home treatments. This will prolong the results you experience immediately after your medical spa visit to ensure you skin stays youthful and glowing.

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