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IPL: The Ideal Solution for Hair Removal

Posted by Marsha Davis on Sun, Sep 21, 2014 @ 08:52 AM

Hair Removal BannerIf you’re frustrated with common hair removal techniques that must be repeated daily or monthly (for the rest of your life), consider proven-effective IPL hair removal. Intense Pulsed Laser treatments are available at your Milwaukee-area medical spa to remove unwanted hair--permanently. This gentle laser is an excellent option for busy men and women that don’t want the downtime, pain and/or frequent repetition associated with shaving or waxing. IPL is a truly elegant solution for hair removal.

Hair Removal Alternatives Can Be a Nightmare

When you use a razor or a waxing product, you can end up with unsightly cuts or wounds to the skin and red, irritated, razor-burned skin.

Hairy Chest WaxedShaving -- for irritating hair removal

With shaving, since it must be done so often to just temporarily remove body hair, you may end up with razor bumps that last until the next time you shave. This means you are continually shaving previously irritated skin. This is not only painful, but it can even lead to infection. With shaving, you’re really working against yourself. By cutting off the visible part of the hair, you are just allowing the stronger, darker and thicker hair near the root to continually strengthen and regrowIPL hair removal frees you from this vicious cycle.

Waxing -- for painful, messy (and/or expensive) hair removal

Waxing doesn’t need to be done as often as shaving, but has many downsides as well. If opting to wax at home, you’re in for a messy, time-consuming and painful project. Yes, salon waxing can be more thorough than waxing at home, because it’s done by someone with a better vantage point when applying and removing (ripping off) the hot wax from your skin. Unfortunately, waxing must still be repeated often, monthly or every 6 weeks. Waxing at a beauty salon or day spa is an expensive use of your time and money--and you still have the potential for skin injury, bleeding and infection. 

The IPL Difference: Gentle, Convenient and Effective Hair Removal

While reading the discussion about waxing and shaving, you may be saying to yourself, “no wonder IPL hair removal is so popular in Milwaukee!” It’s true that men and women on the go typically prefer IPL. Once they’ve tried it, they often return to get more body areas treated. The hair-free, smooth look and feel that you get from IPL treatment just can’t be matched with the other methods.

New Call to action

With IPL treatments, you may require several sessions to remove all hair in your chosen areas, and you may need follow-up visits later in the year. Hair becomes progressively lighter in color and texture, also becoming sparser, until the area is hair-free. After that, depending on genetics and your propensity for hair growth, some active follicles may remain. You may require maintenance visits to your Meqoun medical spa that can be a year or more apart.

IPL for Hair Removal: Ideal for Anywhere on Your Body

Patients commonly receive IPL treatments on the face, neck, chest, legs, arms, armpits, bikini area and other areas. IPL side effects are typically similar to a sunburn. IPL provides a truly modern and effective method for hair removal.

To learn more about IPL, stay tuned over the coming weeks. You’ll get expert information on IPL hair removal topics like: how the laser works, how a typical treatment appointment goes, how treatment is tailored to specific body areas, like the bikini area and much more.

Solaris Medical Spa in Mequon, Wisconsin is owned by Dr. Marsha Davis. We provide expert IPL hair removal for hundreds of patients per year. Contact us for your free consultation today! 


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