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The HCG NuLean Diet from Dr. Marsha Davis

Posted by Marsha Davis on Mon, Jan 26, 2015 @ 08:38 PM

What is the HCG Diet?

Doctor supervised HCG DietMy clothes are always too tight around the middle. My jeans are too tight in the legs. No matter how much I diet and exercise it just doesn't seem to help. What can I do??

On this diet that was a well kept secret for many years while being used by may movie stars, you have lots of energy, are not hungry, do not exercise, and most people lose up to a pound a day! And what is even better, It is like it re-programs your brain and resets your metabolism so that when you are finished with the program, you can eat sensibly, and not regain the weight back again!

The HCG diet is a wonderful diet where you can lose up to a pound a day and turn your body into a fat burning machine to get off all that unwanted fat from those ugly spots you hate!

HCG is a natural hormone that is made in Pregnancy. It is FDA approved for treatment of infertility, but not approved for dieting, but it was never tested in conjunction with the food portion of the diet. It is perfectly legal and ethical to use HCG "OFF-LABEL" for weight loss. But you should be sure that you are getting your HCG from the prescription and care of a physician. Nurses, Chiropractors and other non-physicians can not legally obtain or prescribe HCG for any purpose.

The HCG diet began in the 1950s, and was discovered by A.T.W. Simeons who published a paper called "Pounds and Inches" in the Lancet, a revered Medical Journal still in publication today. 

Basically the most effective way for the diet is to take a daily injection and follow the strict food program. You can also take pellets. I really do not think that taking it under the tongue in drops works well because too much is swallowed and the stomach juices digest it and you do not get enough of the HCG into your system. The injections definitely are the most effective way to get the HCG into the system. But for those who have a needle fear, the pellets do offer an alternative. The best part about this diet, is that you do not exercise while on the program!

Does the HCG Diet Work?

Did you know that eating when you are not hungry is an addiction and the focus of that addiction lies in the same part of the brain as any other kind of addiction?   Could be addicted to food? Come foods have the same effect on people as tobacco, alcohol or other drugs! That is what Simeon discovered when he wrote his paper "Pounds and Inches."  His diet program is designed to help your brain reprogram itself so that you won't "love" food so much that it hurts you, but that you can save your real love for things that can help you and love you back!

The most addictive foods are:

  • breads
  • fried foods
  • sugary foods ( including candies, sodas and sweet drinks, bakery goods)
  • fried and salted chips of all kinds
  • and potentially anthying made from flour or sugar.

We know from the science of addiction medicine that it takes a minimum of 4 weeks to begin to shrink the addictive pathway, or opiate center in the brain that makes you crave something. That is why just cutting down on something usually just does not work. You have to stop it all together. That is why Alcoholics Anonymous works so well and why other commercial weight programs fail.

By the time you finish with the HCG diet you won't have the cravings for bad foods any more. Your metabolism will be reset, and with sensible eating you won't regain that ugly weight and your fat cells won't blow up into giant balloons again! 

What Are the Dangers of the HCG Diet?

I am really afraid of that HCG diet that I am hearing about. Is it really safe? 

It is if it is properly done. If you get your HCG from a physician and know that you are getting real HCG, then the diet is safe. If you possibly have fake HCG, and are following the food plan, then the risk is that you are taking in too little calories for your body to properly sustain itself and it will begin breaking down stores other than that unwanted fat, including muscle like your heart. That would be very bad. That is why people who do not understand the sparing effect of the HCG have given bad publicity to the HCG diet. But for knowledgeable people who understand that with the HCG only the unwanted fat and inches are burned, the risks are minimal. If you are on injections, you might get a bruise at a point of injection. But with proper training, even bruising or problems with injections are minimal. The real only other dangers aren't really dangers, but problems if the person does not follow the plan and not take the medication as prescribed, or follow the food program or decides to exercise. The bottom line, follow the program and it is a very safe diet program!!!

 How Do I Get Started with the HCG Diet?

I am ready to lose those pounds and inches. A pound a day! I just can't believe it! How do I do to get started? 

Well, the first two days of the diet consist of gorging days. That means eating as much fat as you can possibly stuff into your body. The purpose of eating the excess fat is to help the HCG start working more quickly and make your body turn into that fatburning machine that you want! After that you must follow a very strict food plan. You can only eat the foods on the diet plan. The only foods that must be weighed are the meats. You do not need to weigh or measure the fruits and vegetables. It is also suggested that you drink the juice of a real lemon each day

The only recommended sweetener is Stevia, though Simeons allowed sacchrin, we have found that weight loss is slowed by its use. We have also found that he allowed veal and beef but back then there were not the food additives that we have now and it is probably the additives that slow weight loss so we do not recommend eating veal or beef either.

The other important thing to remember is not to skimp, but be certain to eat all the food every day, and if you do, do not make it up by eating more the next day. And if you make a mistake, don't beat yourself up, just start over. The diet will still work.

So basically, to get started, find a good physician who understands the HCG diet and nutrition with whom you can establish a good rapport. Follow the program and go for it!!!

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