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What You Need to Know About Water-Assisted Liposuction - AQUALIPO

Posted by Marsha Davis on Tue, Apr 10, 2012 @ 06:34 PM

Water Assisted LiposuctionLiposuction is the most common cosmetic surgical procedure requested worldwide. It is a very effective way to provide a contoured look to almost any part of the body in selected patients. Traditionally, only the surgical technique was available (starting in the 1970s).

So, what is the difference between water-assisted liposuction and traditional surgical liposuction? A lot! 

    • With traditional liposuction you need to go to the hospital and have general anesthesia.
    • There is more blood loss and you have the risks associated with general anesthesia 
    • The added costs of the hospital and the anesthesia are huge 
    • There is about a 6 week down-time with the traditional method 
    • The surgeon uses different equipment that utilizes a larger bore cannula to suction out the fat and makes larger incisions. 
    • There is more disruption of the bloodflow to the skin and there is a greater risk of both more prolonged swelling and cellulite
    • It is harder to contour a particular area to a specific "look."
    • The fat collected by the traditional method is destroyed during the collection process and can not be reused.   

Water-assisted liposuction offers many advantages over traditional liposuction:

    • Instead of half inch or so incisions made for the larger cannulas, tiny incisions are made that dont't even require sutures; and by the fifth day they are almost completely healed over and can hardly be seen.
    • The cannulas that are used to remove the fat are smaller than even a very small pencil.
    • The proceedure is done while you are awake in the office; there is no need to go to a hospital and no need for general anesthesia. 
    • The anesthesia that is used is pumped via the water which has lidocaine in it to put your fat containing area to sleep.
    • The water loosens the fat like picking grapes off a vine; it is so gentle that the fat can be collected and then reinjected into another area of your body that you would like augmented if you desired.
    • The water assisted liposuction proceedure, also known as AQUALIPO, allows the surgeon to see and feel exactly what and where the fat is coming from and a body can truly be contoured or sculptured during the proceedure, not just taking the fat out. 
    • After this proceedure most people are up and about taking a walk that evening and are back to work on Monday with minimal discomfort.

What a difference!! If you want that younger look, take that 5-10 years off your body and lose inches that you just can't do with exercise and diet, talk to us at Solaris Medical Spa about water assisted liposuction! 

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