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Medical Spa Facial

Medical Spa Facials Rejuvenate And Maintain Healthy Skin

A medical spa facial is one of the best ways to pamper and treat your skin. There are many types of facials that use steam, warm towels, enzymes or other exfoliants to open the pores and soften the skin. Medical spa facials allow you the opportunity to work with an esthetician to develop a skin care regimen that will allow you to maintain gorgeous, glowing skin. During your free consultation before the facial, you can talk to your esthetician about any skin problems or concerns, and get advice about preventative care.

Benefits Of Getting A Spa Facial

Not only are facials extremely relaxing, they also offer a deeper cleaning than anything you would be able to do at home. Facials work to prevent premature aging by stimulating the circulation, moisturizing and firming the skins tone and texture. A facial will decrease the size of your pores, and also help you to better understand how to take care of your skin. With a facial you will not just get a wonderful glow, you'll also experience deep relaxation and a sense of calmness as the face is treated. For a boost in relaxation, you can add certain eye mask treatments to your facial and get rid of dark circles. Facials are great for both men and women, and are especially effective when dealing with sensitive, acne prone skin.

Recovery And Side Effects Of Spa Facials

As long as you are receiving your facial from an experienced spa with trained estheticians like the ones found here at Solaris Medical Spa, you should not be concerned about any side-effects with your facial. Some people will experience redness and post-facial breakouts because of the removal of the top layer of the skin. However, these breakouts will be short-lived and the overall appearance of the skin will only get better.

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