Professional Sclerotherapy in Milwaukee


Sclerotherapy Treats Spider & Varicose Veins With One Injection

Spider veins and varicose veins cause many people to feel self-conscious. Your local medical spa can help you get rid of these veins with a process called sclerotherapy. During this quick and easy varicose vein or spider vein treatment, an esthetician will sterilize the skin before injecting a sclerant into the vein. The chemical sclerant works by targeting the vessel wall and causing it to harden and collapse. The injection needle is usually very small, so patients don't feel any pain and don't need any anesthesia, but some people do feel a mild stinging at the spot of injection. Depending on how big of an area you're getting treated, the entire session will usually be between 15 and 30 minutes.


Sclerotherapy: A Versatile Varicose Vein Treatment

During a sclerotherapy treatment, you can literally watch your veins disappear before your eyes. It is a minimally invasive yet highly effective treatment that causes almost no pain. Nearly everyone can undergo a sclerotherapy treatment, and it can be done anywhere on the body including the arms, legs and hands.

Sclerotherapy Aftercare: Recovery & Side Effects

After a sclerotherapy treatment, you could experience itching or some burning right after your appointment. The treatment is not very invasive, so the side effects and recovery time will not be too extensive. You can easily manage any side effects by taking an over the counter pain medication and you will be wearing a compression garment for at least 2 weeks after the procedure. The veins dissappear immediately and slowly reappear over time; often over 6 months of treatment the veins will be completely removed. Sclerotherapy cost varies between medical spas, so it is best to call your local medical spa and schedule a free consultation to find out what spider vein treatment is best for you.