Professional Botox Treatment in Milwaukee

Excess Sweating Botox

Stop Excessive Sweating With A Botox Treatment

At Solaris Medical Spa, both men and women come into our spa wondering how they can treat their excessive sweating. Sweating can become profuse during exercise or times of stress, but some people experience constant heavy sweating for no reason. If you've tried prescription antiperspirants and didn't get the results you were looking for, a simple Botox treatment could be a great alternative to eliminate sweat stains for good.

During a treatment, the physician will inject the Botox into either the feet, hands or armpits depending on where the patient experiences excessive sweating the most. The Botox then blocks the chemical signals of the nerves in the area and shuts down the sweat gland. Some people have a misconstrued belief that the sweat will get "backed up" in your body, but this is not true; the sweat simply stops producing in that area.

Get Botox On The Feet, Hands Or Under The Arms

One of the biggest benefits of getting Botox for underarm sweating is that the whole procedure takes only 15 minutes, and is relatively painless. Botox treatments are also very versatile, so you can get it under your arms, on the hairline or on the palms and feet. Although getting a Botox treatment under the arms is painless, the injections are more painful when done on the palms and feet. 

Botox Recovery & Side Effects

There is no recovery or side effects associated with getting Botox for excessive sweating. Most people are able to come in and out of the medical spa quickly and return back to their normal activities immediately. Botox treatments are not permanent, so you will have to get the treatment done every 6-7 months to keep up with your results.

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