Professional Laser Hair Removal Treatments in Milwaukee

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal For Smooth, Hairless Skin

Laser hair removal is a medical spa procedure that uses lasers to remove any unwanted hair from the body. During a laser treatment, the light energy will be applied to whichever part of the body you wish to remove hair from. This light energy targets the blood vessels and hair follicles to heat them and burst them without damaging the skin. The light energy is applied with a hand-held device and the treatments involve about six light pulses in quick succession. Before the treatment, the esthetician might trim your hair with a pair of scissor, and fit you with a special pair of goggles to protect your eyes from the laser. After the treatment, your laser certified esthetician will place a cooling gel on the area to soothe the skin.

Get Laser Treatments To Remove Hair and Save Money

Getting laser hair removal is great for anyone with thick dark hair or excessive hair on the face or body. Laser hair removal is perfect for getting rid of hair for a long period of time. Laser hair removal is more effective way to get rid of unwanted hair because it does not leave the follicle intact like waxing or shaving does. Laser hair removal treatments are usually less expensive than other types of laser procedures, and this makes them very popular for people looking to achieve long term hair loss.

Laser Hair Removal Recovery & Side Effects

Right after the laser hair removal treatment your skin will be red and puffy or swollen, with similar symptoms to a bad sun burn. Avoid sunlight and wear 30 SPF broad-spectrum sunscreen. You may need to get laser hair removal maintenance treatments to ensure extended periods of being hair-free.

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