Professional Waxing Services in Milwaukee


Get Your Next Wax At A Medical Spa

Professional wax hair removal is a great option for getting rid of excess hair on the face, body and bikini area. During a professional waxing, the esthetician will apply warm wax to the skin with an applicator and immediately cover it with a strip of fabric. The fabric is then pulled off the skin with a quick swipe and you're left with totally bare, smooth skin. If you have sensitive skin, the esthetician may even soothe your skin with gel or hot towels after getting a wax done. Sessions usually last around thirty minutes, but could be longer depending on the area of the body being waxed.

Professional Wax Hair Removal Saves You Time And Keeps You Smooth

One of the great things about spa waxing is that it is very versatile. Sessions can be done for facial hair waxing, nose hair waxing, back and chest hair waxing and of course the arms, legs and bikini area. Waxing is sometimes preferred over shaving because the results last so much longer. Professional hair removal also helps you remove hair from hard to reach places and ensures an even, clean appearance.

Waxing Recovery & Side-Effects

After a wax, most people feel a slight burning or stinging sensation. The skin is usually red or pink. These reactions are all very normal, and can be soothed with tea tree lotion or a cold compress. You should not get a wax done on any broken skin, and on the extremeties if your hair is longer, it will be easier for the wax to grip to it.


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