Professional Lipo Dissolve in Milwaukee


Lipodissolve For Problem Areas

Many people come in to our spa complaining about "problem areas" on their bodies that do not slim down even with diet and exercise. Lipodissolve is a form of mesotherapy--the natural treatment that focuses on reducing localized areas of fat on the face and body. Before the procedure, the physician will do a quick body exam and identify the areas of the body that will benefit from the treatment. During the treatment, the physician will use a series of microinjections of a chemical cocktail to dissolve the fat in the desired area. The procedure is so painless an anesthesia is not needed. In one session, up to 3 areas of the body can be treated. It is recommended that for maximum results, patients receive a series of at least 4 treatments.


Get Rid of Cellulite With Lipodissolve

Lipodissolve is very effective for those who are close to their desired weight but have areas of fat that will not go away. Lipodissolve one of the few ways to smooth out the "cottage-cheese" appearance of cellulite and non-surgically reduce inches. Lipodissolve is great for getting rid of double chins, upper thigh fat, love-handles, saddle bags, back fat and that stubborn area on the lower abdomen.

Lipodissolve Recovery & Side-Effects

Lipodissolve is an outpatient procedure that requires no downtime. After the procedure, many patients experience mild bruising, swelling or burning at the site of injection. Most side-effects disappear within one week, and patients should be able to return to normal activities within two to three days.

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