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Aqua Liposuction

AQUALIPO Liposuction: Lose Fat And Inches Quickly

AQUALIPO liposuction is a more advanced yet gentler technique of liposuction that flushes fat away with water. The AQUALIPO liposuction procedure gives people much better results without a lot of the risks associated with traditional liposuction. During your AQUALIPO liposuction, the physician will insert a rod with a high powered water jet stream into the desired area. The pulsating water contains a sterile saline and numbing solution that separates and removes the fat from the body without causing the nerve and blood vessels damage that traditional liposuction does.

Benefits of Getting AQUALIPO Liposuction vs. Basic Liposuction

The greatest benefit of the aqua liposuction is that it isn't painful, it requires only minimal downtime, you don't have to go under anesthesia and it causes a lot less bruising and swelling than past liposuction techniques. AQUALIPO liposuction uses much less fluid than other liposuction methods and this really cuts down on the bloating and swelling that the patient undergoes. Fat that has been removed with a water liposuction jet can then be used immediately as a filler for another part of the body such as thin lips, a depressed hollow face or even butt and breast augmentation.

Often people complain that other forms of liposuction leave the body looking lumpy. The new technique put into place with AQUALIPO liposuction leaves patients with long-lasting smooth results.

AQUALIPO Liposuction Recovery & Side Effects

The best part about water liposuction is that the recovery time is very quick. After the procedure, you'll be given a compression bandage that should be worn for 24 hours. You will also be given a compression garment that should be worn for 2 weeks. Some people prefer to wear it longer for comfort. Most people are able to return back to their desk jobs within 48 hours and side effects are typically limited to mild bruising and swelling, drainage from the points of incision, and dizziness upon removing the compression garment. Check out our blog for tips on a smooth AQUALIPO recovery.


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