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At our medical spa, we offer several treatments that can help sculpt, tone and maintain a trim body. No matter what your current or desired size may be, medical spa treatments help to get rid of loose skin, cellulite and fatty tissues without much downtime or costs compared to other, more invasive plastic surgeries. Solaris Medical Spa is staffed with trained estheticians and an on-site physician that are experienced and ready to help you gain confidence and lose inches.


What To Expect From Your Body Sculpting Treatments

  • AQUALIP - AQUALIPO liposuction is a method of flushing away fat and losing unwanted pounds and inches. The treatment s much more gentle than traditional liposuction. AQUALIPO is done in the office, done while awake and does not require general anesthesia. Most patients can return to their usual activities within 48 hours.
  • Mesotherapy - Mesotherapy is a great treatment for skin tightening anywhere on the body, and can be used to smooth out fatty areas of cellulite.
  • Lipodissolve - Lipodissolve focuses on fat loss. Like Mesotherapy, it is performed with a series of small injections, and will only cause slight bruising. 
  • Cellulite Treatments - Thanks to medical spa treatments, getting rid of cellulite has never been easier. Treatments like mesotherapy and lipodissolve are great for getting rid of problem areas and lumpy cottage cheese areas that can't be dissolved with just diet and exercise.
  • Botox for Body Sculpting - Botox has several uses, from smoothing wrinkles to stopping excessive sweating. The muscle relaxing properties of Botox can help treat TMJ and create a more narrow, feminine face shape for those women who have a very square jaw and appearance. 
  • Fat Grafting - Fat grafting is a great way to plump the hallows of the face that can come with aging. As an added bonus, the fat is removed from an area like the buttocks or stomach, so the filler comes from your body naturally.

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