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Body Treatments For Smooth Skin And A Firm Figure

With all the latest medical spa innovations lately, getting a smooth, toned and youthful figure has never been easier. In the past, patients had to opt for more expensive and invasive surgeries that left them out of work for weeks. Now, trimming unwanted fat and tightening loose skin involves a safe and fast outpatient procedure. At our spa, we have several body treatment options from laser hair removal, aqua liposuction, schlerotherapy, IPL, and even Botox for excessive sweating. Make a commitment to yourself to feel and look your best!

Medical Spa Body
  • Hair Removal - Hair removal treatments include laser hair removal, waxing and eyebrow tweezing. Get rid of unwanted hair from any place on the face or body!
  • Body Sculpting - Looking for a toned and cellulite free figure? Sometimes diet and exercise just isn't enough. Explore other options like aqua liposuction, mesotherapy, lipodissolve and fat grafting.
  • Vein Treatments - As people age, ropy varicose veins and tiny spider veins can get worse along with circulation. Treating these embarrassing veins is easy with noninvasive schlerotherapy and IPL laser treatments. Unlike other surgical procedure, you'll see the veins dissappear right before you eyes and be out at work in a lovely skirt within 24 hours.
  • Botox for Perspiration - Many patients come to our spa seeking a solution for their excessive sweating. This type of condition can make stressful event in our lives even more hectic. Stop excessive sweating with just a few Botox treatments, and start living the life you've always dreamed of.

Making an Appointment For A Body Treatment

Interested in changing the way your figure or skin texture looks and feels? Call Solaris Medical Spa today and see what types of body treatments might be best for you.

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