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About Dr. Marsha Davis

marsha davis md

Milwaukee medical spa doctor Marsha Davis is a Board Certified Physician. Dr. Davis received her MD at the Medical College of Wisconsin and her BA, Pharmacy from the University of Florida.

Dr. Marsha Davis also has her own solo practice in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics that specializes in personalized attention.

She is Medical Director and owner of Milwaukee's Solaris Medical Spa, where she specializes in body sculpting, autologous fat grafting, cosmetic and esthetic medicine. Dr. Marsha is present for every procedure at Solaris Medical Spa no matter how large or small. Dr. Marsha Davis will always perform the Botox, Radiesse and Juvederm treatments, not a nurse practitioner.

Marsha has been personally trained in body and facial sculpting and autologus fat transfer in France, Germany, and in the US by American and Brazilian specialists. She even performs wide awake Body Jet liposuction in the office as well as physical monitored, individualized bariatric programs.

In 2009, Marsha was named Top Pediatrician and has received numerous awards from Health Tap.

Solaris Medical Spa is the only medical spa in which the Board Certified Physician is on site for every procedure and all of the estheticians at Solaris Medical Spa have been highly trained from the top schools in the U.S. If you're located in the Milwaukee or Mequon area and in need of medical spa services, visit us for a free consultation!